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What is the Sustainable Golf Project?

In the past, sustainability was viewed as a giant risk factor. Today it is a true business opportunity for eco-efficiencies and reputation improvement as well as a source of innovation. Since 2010 the Sustainable Golf Project is helping golf courses and events turn their footprint into profit.

Sustainability in the global golf sector is something which can no longer be ignored. Due to stakeholder pressure from NGO’s, local communities and visitors, golf courses and golf events are starting to embrace environmental and social values. Sustainability acts as a driver for reputation to attract more sponsors, as a way to become more efficient to reduce costs, and as a tool to accelerate innovation.

Sustainability can outperform

The Sustainable Golf Project helps golf courses and golf events to become more sustainable. Through benchmarking, golf courses and events can compare themselves with others in the sector and learn from best practices. With these insights, golf courses and golf events are able to realize quick wins on sustainability. A sustainable golf course operates more cost-efficiently and attracts more golfers.

The Sustainable Golf Project is a global project with golf courses from approximately 25 different countries in its database. The Sustainable Golf Project is supported by a Board of Recommendations, consisting of key representatives from the sector.

Methodology of the Sustainable Golf Project

The Benchmark approach of the Sustainable Golf Project combines the ISO 26000 framework with the methodology of the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Index. The Benchmark consists of the economic domain, the environmental domain and the social domain. Each domain consists of the following key indicators




Number of rounds Turf maintenance Local community involvement
Employment Waste Education
Governance Biodiversity Health and safety
Strategic planning Natural resources Consumer issues
Code of conduct Energy Stakeholder engagement



Benchmark your golf course today!

Compare your golf course with top courses from around the world
Sustainability is arguably the most important issue affecting golf development today. A sustainable golf course is not only more efficient, it also ensures a better reputation. The Sustainable Golf Project benchmarks global golf courses on sustainability in order to help golf courses gain insight into how to become a (more) sustainable golf course.

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