Benchmark your golf course today!  

Benchmark your golf course today!

Compare your golf course with top courses from around the world
Sustainability is arguably the most important issue affecting golf development today. A sustainable golf course is not only more efficient, it also ensures a better reputation. The Sustainable Golf Project benchmarks global golf courses on sustainability in order to help golf courses gain insight into how to become a (more) sustainable golf course.

The benchmark analyzes golf courses on topics such as water management, customer issues, biodiversity and local community involvement. 


  • Gain insight in the current situation at your golf course
  • Compare your golf course with the top golf courses in the world
  • Become more efficient and reduce costs
  • Learn from best practices on sustainability
  • Become a Clan Member and engage your stakeholders


The report is delivered including a one hour call on the implementation of the report recommendations.

If you are interested in ordering the benchmark, please contact Jan van der Kaaij at +31 76 522 28 17 or send an email to

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