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How sustainable is your golf course?
Our Quickscan for golf courses provides you with a basic insight into the current level of sustainability at your golf course. The Quickscan is based on the ISO 26000 framework and includes criteria such as organizational governance, labor practices, fair operating practices and environment.

Organizational Governance

Effective governance of the golf course should be based on the incorporation of sustainability in decision-making and implementation. Leadership is key to motivate employees to practice sustainability and integrate CSR into the DNA of the golf course.

The Environment

Insight into the impact of the golf course on the environment helps to reduce possible environmental risks and makes clear where the gaps are on for instance water use, energy consumption and pesticide use.   

Labour Practices

Excellent working conditions, social dialogue, health and safety, human development and education are key issues relating to this subject. 

Fair Operating Practices

Ethical behavior at the golf course is important to maintain optimal relationships with suppliers, golfers and employees. Key issues are anti-corruption, fair competition and respect for property rights.

Consumer Issues

Provide information on activities to protect biodiversity at the golf course, minimize the impact of products and services and gather customer feedback to improve. 

Community Involvement & Development

Key issues of community development are job creation through local economic development initiatives, educational programs and creating local networks involving multiple institutions.
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